Culver's root 'Fascination,' sedum 'Firecracker,' platycodon, agapanthus 'Peter Pan,' gaura, candytuft (plus herbs and eggplant!)

Nina has done a fantastic job bringing flowers and edibles together in her beautiful garden.

"I have raised beds for my vegetables, but I still enjoy sprinkling additional edible plants around the yard.  I've attached four photos that show the veggie garden and then some additional edibles among the flower beds."

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Veggie garden with potted fig and potted lemon.

Nasturtium 'Creamsicle,' rose 'John Cabot (plus pink champagne currant and rhubarb!)

Mugo pine, geranium 'Buxton Blue,' rose 'John Cabot' (plus strawberries on other side of fence!)

Itoh peony 'Yumi,' more geranium (and more strawberries!)

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