Last summer, Hazel was just a little nugget that couldn't do much. Well, now she's on the verge of getting her drivers' permit, practically. 

She's crawling and "cruising" and has no problem standing unassisted for periods of time, but she's not quite walking yet. I didn't think we'd get her toes in the soil until she was actually walking, but since we're having a wacky, warm and early summer-- why not drop her in the yard and see what happens?

She totally froze up and tried her hardest to make contact with the earth in as few places as possible. 

That was 3 days ago. I tried again today and she sat and smiled and raked her hands through the grass (she should have it totally dethatched by 2025) and put leaves in her mouth (I was grossed out to see that they had galls). She loved it. 

After we came inside, she crawled back to the door because she wanted to do it again. 

Sigh. When will she be old enough to play lawn darts?*



*Just kiding. 

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