Genus: Fameflower


Fameflower (Talinum)
The Talinum genus contains about 50 species of annuals, biennials, and perennials from dry areas of tropical and subtropical Africa, North America, and Central America. Fameflower's smooth, often succulent, leaves and its showy, cup- or saucer-shaped flowers make it a nice addition to the rock garden.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Succulent leaves. Showy flowers for most of the summer. Good rock garden plants.
Care:  In the garden, grow in well-drained soil of poor to moderate fertility in full sun. Indoors, use a cactus potting mix and grow in full light with good ventilation.

Sow seed at 59-64°F in spring or as soon as ripe. Mat-forming or rosette-forming species may be divided in spring.



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Talinum paniculatum