Today's photos are from May Kald in British Columbia. We've visited May's garden several times, and it's one of our favorites! (Refresh your memory HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE). Today May says, "Fall has come to my garden! Each year it is different, but each year it is beautiful! We had a lot of foggy/misty weather last week, making it cooler, but the colours just pop! The stunning bright reds and oranges of some the maple trees, the burning bush and the sumacs, the bright yellows of our native big leaf maple, the purple/browns of the oak, and all the other bright leaves announce that they are ready to fall and make way for the bare branches of winter. Sometimes they all colour up together, some years in sequence, only they know why. Sometimes we don't get heavy frost till very late in the year, keeping the more sheltered hardy fuchsias and ever-blooming roses going and going and going! The bright red rose named 'Trumpeter' (for Louis Armstrong) that grows outside my dining room window has sometimes kept blooming till the new year! I celebrate the season by filling vases with branches of colourful leaves, grasses, and flower stalks with dried seedpods. I refresh my containers that held summer plants with early-flowering bulbs and stick bits of greenery into the top to add temporary interest.
          Flocks of robins and other birds enjoy the pyracantha berries and grass seeds. I put food out for the Anna's hummingbirds which stay here all winter. Raccoons climb the dogwood tree seeking its bright red fruit. The rabbits are eating anything different from grass, so I have given up trying to protect the low perennials. In a local thrift-shop I found a brass headboard for a single bed. I took it apart, sprayed it black, and added it to to the top of my gate, making it taller. The deer are somewhat baffled by the new addition, and have not tried jumping over it to get into my back garden. I have picked the last of the pears, so no more fruit remains outside and I can stop being vigilant. It is fall, and time to enjoy a rest!" Every single season in your garden is lovely, May. Thanks so much for this newest update!

**** The push is still on--get outside and take some last minute shots, or compile a few you took earlier in the season. I'll be eternally grateful.... Email them to Thanks! ****

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