This year's theme: Accessorize
Courtesy of Glass Gardens NW
We all know how the right accessory can make an outfit. Well, the same holds true in the garden. This year, we challenge you to add a little something extra to your containers. Raid your attic, root through your garage, or plunder your basement to find that perfect object that will turn an otherwise pretty container planting into a work of art. As with last year’s challenge, this theme is open to interpretation. Surprise us with unexpected objects and creative ways to use them.We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

How to enter the contest

What to submit
Several high-quality jpeg digital images of your container at its peak. They should be the highest-resolution images your camera can produce.
• A brief description of your container, including a description of the featured object
• A detailed list of all the plants in your container
• Your contact information (name, mailing address, telephone number, and email address

Entry deadline
August 19, 2011

Where to send it
Email your entry to , or mail a photo CD or memory stick to Container Challenge, Fine Gardening Editorial, 63 S. Main St., Newtown CT 06470-5506.

What you win

The gardener who sends in the winning entry will receive a $250 gift certificate from Logee’s Tropical Plants and a selection of garden ornaments, valued at $195, from Glass Gardens NW.


To give your entry its best chance

Michelle Gervais

1. Choose flattering light.
Take photos on overcast days or in the early morning or early evening to avoid capturing harsh light and shadows.

2. Focus on the container.
Choose a setting and background that doesn’t distract from your design.

3. Get the whole picture.
Take photos of your container from several different angles. Be sure to fit the entire container and its contents into the frame of the photo.

4. Select the highest quality camera settings.
Set digital cameras to the resolution at the highest possible setting. If you use film, save the negatives.

5. Save your plant tags.
We might need to verify some plant names.

6. Keep your container going strong.
If you are one of our finalists, you’ll likely be asked to take several more photos of your container.

For more great tips on taking great garden photos, see Take Photos that Look as Good as Your Garden.

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