by Michelle Gervais

Japanese maple

Today's photos are from Eddi Reid in Columbus, Ohio, who says, "I am sharing two sets of photos - one outside set and another of the inside winter garden. The beauty of the snow in early winter highlights the structure of plants, trees, and hardscape. While the snow and frigid temperatures reign outside, inside our front entry all is warm and plant-filled. This is where we can still bask in sunshine whilst watching birds both inside and out." Eddi, judging from your winter scenes, you need to send us more photos this summer! Wonderful structure, and I can just imagine inhaling the planty goodness in your entryway. Smells like spring! Thanks for sharing.

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Gate through to "Stephen's Grove," a garden of memories. The gate is guarded by two large ornamental pear trees planted in 2000 as a wedding gift to our daughter and husband from a close friend.  They chose to be married, in (her words), "the most beautiful place in the world!" Alberta spruce and snowball viburnum stand just before the gate with an ash tree to the right. Honeysuckle and wisteria cover the fence.

Spruce, ash, and Japanese maple by the side gate

Huge locust overhanging my favorite bench, with wild locust and red oak backed by Norwegian spruce. This was a decrepit tree, so badly damaged that I asked my husband to cut it down then I nurtured one small shoot until we have this beautiful tree.  1984 - now.

Amelanchier leans down to embrace a fountain and mingle with the branches of spice bush.

Begonia - unknown type

Coleus and pink geranium

Geranium and bougainvillea

Lilies,succulents, geraniums, and planters full of sprouting amaryllis - last year we had more than twenty blooms - they were glorious.

Norfolk Island pine with grey Dusty Miller and more geraniums, plus a very large begonia (again an unknown type - a gift.   The cage contains three parakeets.

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