This is now the area between the  trees which overlooks the newly completed patio.  My neighbor's house is in the background.  Next year's project is to transform the space between us into a new and improved garden.


Kathy Uszler in Mount Prospect, Illinois certainly did not miss a beat when she downsized from her 34-year-old garden here to her new 55+ retirement community!

"Three years ago I submitted photos of my garden to the GPOD because I was leaving my garden and moving to a 55+ retirement community. We are very happy here and I have worked hard and long to transform this into a new garden in my vision.  I did take many transplants from the old garden but have added many more. Plants were put in between 1 and 3 years ago so in time they will fill in more. I told myself when I came here that I would try to keep the size of this garden more manageable, but it is hard not to find new ways to add to the beds.  I still have one area between our property and my neighbor next door (whose garden I designed when they first moved here about 10 years ago).  You will see it in the background.  We will both be expanding our beds to create a garden space between our houses.  I have attached photos of the property when we bought it and photos of my garden today."

The front of the house today. The only thing I kept was the birch and the serviceberry.


The front of the house today. Includes 'Concode' barberry, 'Coralburst' crab, 'Annabelle' hydrangea, 'Ruby Voodo' rose, Jackmanii clematis, 'June' hosta, alchemilla, Bird's nest spruce, 'Cauticola ' sedum.


The bed in front was the one with nothing but yellow daylilies. Note the garden ornament is in the same place.  Now 3 different daylilies, an Oriental daylily, asclepias tuberosa, 'Moonshine' yarrow, alchemilla, 'May Night' salvia, 'Blue Clips' campanula.


Palibin lilac standard, 'Katharine' phlox, unknown daylily, coneflower, liatris and Oriental lily 'Conca d'or'


The front of the house when we moved in.

This is the backyard when we bought the house. It had daylilies, grasses and hostas.

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