Genus: Dove tree


Dove tree (Davidia)
Only one species, D. involucrata , is classified in this genus. It is a deciduous tree from Chinese woodlands that, when in bloom, is quite unlike any other. In late spring, it looks like a tree full of fluttering white butterflies or doves. It makes an excellent landscape specimen.  
Noteworthy characteristics:  Dangling flowers with white bracts that resemble doves, butterflies, or handkerchiefs moving in a breeze. Fairly fast grower.
Care:  Grow in a sheltered spot with fertile, moist but well-drained soil and full sun or part shade. Prune when dormant to establish a strong central leader when plant is young.

Take hardwood cuttings in winter or leaf-bud cuttings in early fall. Plants propagated from seed may not bloom for two decades.

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Dove tree
Davidia involucrata

Usually problem-free.