The delicate flower of Setcreasea pallida 'Purple Heart' set against Coleus Freckles.

I challenge you to pick just ONE favorite from Cherry's photos! 

"Many of us are anticipating the arrival of fall. It is a bittersweet time for me to take down all the summer annuals that have grown so lush and lovely since Spring. As the days move on to the arrival of frosty temperatures, I'd like to stop and enjoy the individual personalities and charm of the happy specimens in the garden."

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I'm glad someone other than myself is still enjoying the blooms of Caryopteris Worcester Gold.

Bright and sunny blooms of Oxalis Plum Crazy.

Not sure if this is an oddity or a rarity, but my Strobilanthes dyerianus bore a bloom.  Same with my Blackie Sweet Potato vine.


Hydrangea Quickfire going fiery.

Hydrangea Double Delights equally flushed.

Wormlike blooms of Leucoseptrum japonicum 'Mountain Madness'


Neonized Swiss chard.

The arrival of fall is heralded by the blooms of these silent beauties (Tricystis formosana Dark Beauty and Gilt Edge  - I cannot tell them apart though).


Spent blooms of Ligularie Britt Marie Crawford.

I will miss the delightful intermingling of Begonia Nova Bossa White and Lotus Bertholotii.


Even my blue chalk stucks are starting to blush at the tips.


Who could miss the bright blooms of Sedum Dazzleberry?

My cold hardy Echeveria pullidonis now recovered from etiolation.

I love my Agave Frosty Blue, claws and all!

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