Clare Oliva's garden in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey is lovely, and yes, she does have a favorite Peony. Do you?

"I've attached some pictures of "Peony Time" this year in northeast New Jersey. My husband and I started this garden in 2005. Our backyard was just a downward sloping square of grass in 2003 when we moved in. After having three level terraces with stone walls installed to give us usable gardening space on the slope (along with slate paths), we officially started creating our garden in 2005.  One of the first things we planted was a very long row of peonies along the stone walls on the 3rd level of the terraces. These peonies have gotten bigger and more beautiful each year and are now 10 years old. We have large metal cages around each plant (like tomato cages, only a bit taller and wider) which get completely hidden when the peonies grow through them. The cages do a great job of supporting the heavy blooms."

Late afternoon view of the garden in mid-spring. Globemaster alliums and lilies (not blooming yet) in the foreground. You can see the peonies along the rock wall in the distance.

Side garden path in mid-spring. Daylilies (not blooming yet) at the bottom of the rock wall. Rozanne geraniums (also not blooming yet) and peonies on the terrace on top of this wall. 

View looking down from the deck. From this view, you can see the three level terraces of the garden. On the top tier is the formal garden planted with wax begonias and lined with boxwoods. The second tier features Baths Pink dianthus at this time of year -- they have really spread nicely. You can also see the peonies in bloom along the third tier.

My FAVORITE peony, 'Festiva Maxima'. In addition to beauty of the flowers, these blooms have the most magnificent fragrance.

Path through perennial beds. Perennial geranium cantabrigiense in left foreground, Karley Rose fountain grass long path on right side. Roses (Zephirine Drouhin) on arbor are just starting to bloom.

View of rock wall terrace with peonies. Note the three-foot chicken wire extension on the fence to keep the deer out!

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