Today's photos are from the other side of the globe, in Australia! They're from Daniel Charles, and he says, "I am a passionate gardener, and I have created my own little touch of the tropics in my backyard in Berwick, Melbourne. It has taken 3 years to create from a blank canvas." Oh, Daniel, we need to know MORE!! What is your climate like? What were your biggest challenges? What are your favorite things about the garden? It's beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing!

--------PLEASE HELP ME!!--------
So, I've been asked to give a talk on the GPOD blog at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in Seattle in February, and I am, I must admit, TERRIFIED! I mean, the lecture hall they're putting me in holds HUNDREDS of people! I'm shaking in my boots just thinking about it. Behind a keyboard is where I'm most comfortable, NOT behind a podium, but I am excited to be able to show off some of your awesome gardens! The thing is, I can't decide which ones to feature. So I'm asking YOU, the actual readers of the blog, to tell me which posts, over the past 4 years, have insired and wowed you the most. You can either comment here or email me at HERE's a link to the blog roll, where you can scroll through every post ever featured. You can also search by state HERE, or if you remember a person's name, you can search for them in the website's search bar. I will be SOOOO grateful, you guys. THANK YOU!! Hey... it just occurred to me that I might actually meet some of you there--so exciting!

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