These are mixed perennial and annual containers by our backdoor which receive partial shade. Begonias are always a summer container favorite in our garden.


It's hard to contain our excitement for Cherry Ong's containers - lovely, just lovely!

"We're all waiting for our current containers to grow in but before starting out this year's batch, I try to take time out to review last year's containers to figure out what worked and what didn't.  Everyone's got their favorites and succulents seem to be in the mix more and more.  This year, I've tried to include edibles in the mix and also matched up hard edgy succulents with soft leafy perennials and floriferous annuals for a new look.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that they grow beautifully through the summer. Anyway, here are last year's offerings:"

Coming around the first photo, there is a boat of herbs and a container with sunny and bright Thuja Forever Goldie, a salmon colored begonia and blackie sweet potato vine.


On the other end of the backyard sits this large orange themed container with Corylus avellana Red Majestic, Sedona and Freckles Coleus, Bergenia, Coprosma, Heuchera and 2 kinds of Calibrachoa. She turned out much more than what I had planned for which was the nicest surprise ever.


This is the side of the same container in the previous photo.

No garden is complete without Cotinus and here she is married with Dusty Miller, Glennis coleus, Carex oshimensis Everillo and Lemon Slice Superbells.


One of my few succulent pedestal containers with Agave Frosty Blue and a variety of echeverias, crassulae and sedum. The driftwood was a local beach find.


A second succulent bowl filled with various succulents, Blue chalk sticks, Ogon sedum and sea shells (which were covered up as the succulents grew through the season).


Our sun loving all annuals hanging basket filled with varying shades of purple and green.  This was quite a memorable one as we had our very first hummer sighting on this basket last year.


One of our shade loving hanging baskets with an all-time favorite spiller Frosty Knight Allysum.  Tuberous begonia, Lemon licorice, Polka dot plant and Lysimachia punctata 'Alexander' fill the crown.


A simpler hanging basket palette of blue and chartreuse with Lobelia erinus Laguna Sky Blue taking center stage.


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