River birch trees (Betula nigra), with graceful drooping limbs holding bright yellow leaves attract birds and squirrels who eat their seeds.


Did you know it takes 45 minutes to stroll through Irvin & Pauline Faria's garden in Carmichael, California? Today we get through half of it! 

"Our woodland garden is the product of a close collaboration with nature. To the best of our ability, through the use of color and texture, we have during the past 52 years attempted to enrich and enhance the best features of the landscape. We want to share an early morning stroll through Pauline’s Garden before the forecasted rain showers wash away the splendor of the autumn foliage. With oak trees as their canopy, 180 Japanese maple trees are the principle contributor to the landscape beauty. River birch trees at the garden entry launch the character of the woodland setting."

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In the foreground an Orangeola Japanese maple noted for its brilliant color is aligned with Acer palmatum Japanese maples in the background.


Maidenhair ferns, Garnet Japanese maple, and Acer mono Usugumo Japanese maple (bat’s wing leaf form) have a distinct venue in the upper garden.


This is the upper rear garden as seen from our bedroom windows. Nature’s cathedrals of Japanese maple tree trucks frame distinct color vistas.


A magnificent Dogwood is framed in a background of a Liquidambar’s leaves and branches.


European White Birch exploding with color. 

Fireglow Japanese maple is one of the best upright Japanese maple trees for hot sun exposure. Its autumn foliage is always magnificent.


Chitose yama Japanese maple framed by European White Birch tree trunks.


Likened to a wall-hanging tapestry, oak, Japanese maple, and birch trees present a botanical spectacle.


Mom and her baby frog over look a Crimson Queen Japanese maple whose delicate lacy red branches and leaves cascade above a pond.


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