I haven't always been fond of chartreuse as a color. It surely doesn't look good on me, but on my plants it's oh so lovely. Now, I'm obsessed with it. Thrown in with the right mix of supporting colors and textures, chartreuse plants are a slice of sunshine for any corner.

My favorite new introduction to my collection is 'Aureum' philodendron, a plant picked up from a fellow houseplant lover in Michigan (It's available online at Central Florida Farms). I tucked it into a combo that I keep on my nightstand, which puts it right at eye level first thing in the morning. And let me tell you - it always puts a smile on my face. 

But my love of chartreuse doesn't stop with houseplants. I adore bright, attractive, blendable chartreuse in the form of coleus, euphorbias, and begonias. I like chartreuse on all plants. I like it on tall plants. I like it on fall plants...Well, you get the picture.

So what are your favorite chartreuse plants? Help me feed my chartreuse plant obsession. 




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