By: Kim Charles

Fleuri (3-4 ft. tall)

Sue Strong from Northwest Arkansas, focuses on compact varieties of clematis, which add a unique charm to pots and trellises throughout her garden. 

"This year has been a hectic gardening year for me here in NW Arkansas.  I added over 30 new varieties of daylilies to my beds (will submit pictures next year) and over a dozen new varieties of clematis, most of which are the newer, compact forms.  With few structures, 10 feet or taller on which to display the older and taller varieties, I have moved to shorter clematis that can be grown in pots, on small trellises and pillars, or allowed to trail along the ground.  They can enhance and beautify a small piece of garden architecture and are a perfect example of “bigger is not always better”.  I have found that a light pruning after their initial bloom leads to a better late-season bloom (whether they belong to pruning Group 2 or 3).  I currently have over 64 clematis plants and 41 varieties, and I am compiling my 2018 “Wish List”.  The clematis pictured here, were planted last year."

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Petit Faucon (3 ft. tall)

Abilene (4 ft. tall)

Guiding Promise (3-4 ft. tall)

 Cezanne (3 ft. tall)

Haku Ookan spilling over the veggie garden fence (8-10 ft. tall)

Bijou (1-2 ft. tall)

Yukikomachi (8-10 ft. tall)

Ashva with William Baffin Rose (5-10 ft. tall)

Fleuri (3-4 ft. tall)

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