Genus: Campion


Steve Aitken
Campion (Lychnis)
Synonyms:  Viscaria
The genus Lychnis is comprised of 15 to 20 species of biennials (often grown as annuals) and perennials grown for their often brightly colored flowers on top of branching stems. They have a casual, cottage-garden feel. Foliage is often hairy or felted and silvery. Grow in a sunny border, wild garden, or rock garden.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Colorful, 5-petaled flowers.          
Care:  Adaptable to most any moderately fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Deadhead regularly.

Divide plants or take basal cuttings in early spring, or sow seed in a cold frame in spring as soon as they ripen. Some species will flower the same year.


Fairly unbothered but pests and diseases, but anther smut and leaf spots sometimes affect plants.

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Rose campion
Lychnis coronaria and cvs.