Genus: California fuchsia


California fuchsia (Zauschneria)
From the dry slopes and chaparral of western North America come four species of subshrubby, evergreen or deciduous perennials commonly called California fuschia. They are grown for their ability to provide late season color in the form of scarlet, tubular flowers in terminal racemes. Hummingbirds love them. Use California fuchsia in a rock garden, border, or in a dry-stone wall. They need very little watering.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Funnel-shaped scarlet flowers in late summer and fall. Very attractive to hummingbirds.
Care:  Grow in a sheltered spot in moderately fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. They need little watering.

Sow seed in a cold frame or root basal cuttings in spring, with bottom heat.


Slugs may eat new growth.

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Hardy hummingbird trumpet
Zauschneria arizonica