Genus: Blueberry


Blueberry (Vacinnium)
The genus Vacinnium contains evergreen to deciduous shrubs and trees with ornamental foliage, flowers, and fruit. Leaves are leathery and alternate. Deciduous species provide striking autumn color. Berries are edible. Vacinnium species have wide distribution from arctic to tropical regions in a variety of habitats including heath, moorland, bogs, and woodland. Flowers of distinctly urn, bell, or cylindrical shapes appear in spring and summer. 
Noteworthy characteristics:  Some species are grown primarily for their edible blueberries or cranberries.
Care:  Acidic, peaty or sandy, moist but well-drained soils in full sun or partial shade. Minimal pruning.

Sow seed in autumn; take wood cuttings in summer.


Caterpillars, scale insects, gray mold, galls, dieback, crown and root rot, powdery mildew, and rust.

Species, varieties and clutivars for genus Vacinnium

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Highbush blueberry
Vaccinium corymbosum