Hey all, as of last night at 8:30 (when I wrote this post), I couldn't get onto email to get your photos to generate a new post. Darned hurricane. The good news is that we haven't had much damage up here in my little corner of northwestern Connecticut! It was blustery all day, and there are lots of branches down, but my house hasn't lost power yet (knock on wood.) It's not quite over, and I'm still paranoid about the huge old maples that surround our house (one of which is in rough shape and has been marked by the town to come down.) The coast, on the other hand, looks like it's in rough shape...

So, instead of a new batch of photos, I'm giving you an article I wrote for this year's fall issue, with some fall shots from a few public gardens along the east coast. I've attached 2 shots here. Want to see more, and find out what the plants are in these combos? Click HERE.

Hopefully we'll be back to normal tomorrow or Wednesday. If I have to resort to photos of storm damage on Wednesday, please forgive! ;-)

** Reminder: New email address for photo submissions: GPOD@taunton.com. Use it, people! I can't wait to see your gardens!! ***

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