Jeff Calton down in Tennessee is looking on the bright side of the waning season, and helping us to appreciate the fine details of fall today, with this series of photos from around his garden. He says, "Last Friday morning I was doing my walkabout and man, is it fall or what? Most of the flowery things are either gone or fading, but this time of year and throughout winter I really appreciate bark textures, branching habits, and many other aspects of the garden that I don't really notice so much in summer. Of course, this time of year I have many many, many spiders and I love the geometry of their webs in the early morning dew. I don't use pesticides here so I have a lot of insect life. I tolerate a little damage on some of the plants and let nature take it's course. I rarely have too much noticeable damage and with pesticide use I think once you're addicted. You not only kill the bad things but the predators along with them, resulting in a population explosion of the harmful ones. They are like the Borg...resistance is futile." I loved taking a closer look at the photos with the spider webs, Jeff! Such a great set of photos. Thanks! I never get tired of your vision and insights.

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