There's a showdown going on in a forgotten area of my yard, Ancient Vikings must have planted some Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia 'aurea') and then when the next wave of marauders swept through, it got forgotten. When I finally noticed it, it was like finding buried treasure, even though it was just Creeping Jenny. 

And that golden. creeping treasure was under siege from another even less desirable creep... Creeping Charlie. 

Cue the music: every time I look at this situation, this song runs through my head.

I have to say, I have intervened just the slightest bit (I sat and pulled out pieces of Charlie while I was on the phone once, for about 20 minutes) and Jenny seems to be ahead. It's not a moist spot, it's on a sunny slope, my money was totes on Charlie. 

I should have known to put my money on the lady. 


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