Clearly, I'm an aster person. I wouldn't have named my blog (and most of my life) Kiss My Aster if I didn't love them. But didn't always love them, I didn't even know their name when I first met them. I came up with "Kiss My Aster" as a mnemonic device (I slip and say "pneumatic" sometimes) to remember them when I worked in the perennials department of a garden center a long time ago, in a galaxy far away. Since it was summer and I hadn't seen them bloom yet and they didn't look like much sitting there on the bench, I needed something to help me remember them. I came up with Kiss My Aster and never forgot them again. I've grown to really love them, something about the depth of color and fuzzy habit/bloom make them seem rich, elegantly weedy and romantic to me. Even if they're blooming in a roadside ditch.

For me, they are CLEARLY the choice for fall blooms.

But so many people are stuck on mums. Ew. I think they are tacky, break easily, look awful once the blooms start to fade a little. They can become a hard-to-get-rid-of nasty weed, in a worst case scenario.  I hate their lumpy, cold gravy shape. I'm not into mum colors either. I don't need flowers the same exact color as the leaves in the trees. That's just goofy. Gimme contrast, bud!

I sorta like the smell though…


Are you and Aster or a Mum?

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