We all know that Jeff Calton (tntreeman) is a talker, and loves interacting with everyone here. I think that gave Annita Nguemo Aondona the courage to reach out to him, and they've been corresponding for a while now. Annita gardens in Nigeria, and was nervous to send photos into the GPOD when she compared her work to all of your beautiful gardens, but Jeff knew I'd be interested (I'm a sucker for overseas posts!), and passed along her photos and info. Annita and I finally got in touch last week, and now you get to get a glimpse of her amazing work in Nigeria! Annita says, "My name is Annita Nguemo Aondona. I live in Makurdi, Benue state Nigeria. I started gardening as a hobby just a few years ago and work at a tree nursery. I'm particularly fond of any plant that flowers or can bring colour to any spot its planted. The weather here in Makurdi is very peculiar in that its mostly hot and humid year round with a spell of dryness around this time of the year, so it limits what flowers actually do well. I particularly love using containers at home cause they are easy to care for.
 This is a mix of photos taken at home and at work. The green fruit on the ground are fruits of the Gmelina arborea tree, popularly known as malina. The pots are stacked under a malina tree for the shade it provides and so we do get them in our other plants occasionally. Malina trees, though an exotic species, are very common and used mainly for timber here. The young shoots are sourced for medicinal purposes. The leaves also make good fodder for livestock. At the nursery we collect the seeds and bury them in small heaps. They begin to sprout after three weeks after which we transplant into polyethene pots which are then sold to mainly plantation owners or used for our own afforestation projects. Transporting these seedlings is usually a messy job so what we do is if the permanent site isn't far we rebag them in larger bags with a covering of soil to protect the roots. I have only seen seedlings in plastic pots in books and on the net and I guess we wouldn't be able to afford it anyway but I recently planted some sweet pea seeds (for the first time) in some plastic disposable cups in my own nursery and I'm anxious to see how they turn out.......I have three ladies who work as nursery attendants and even though they don't have any formal training or tuition, they are brilliant gardeners and exceptional on the job. I basically learnt everything I know about plants from them. ... I have always loved flowers and appreciated nature so I majored in Biology but didn't really see myself in horticulture till a few years back and now I wondered how I managed without gardening all these years. my only drawback is that I haven't enough green area to garden in my home." It's so exciting to see all of this, Annita. Your containers are beautiful, and the nursery is fascinating. Please do keep sending photos. We'd love to see more!

**** I'm still looking for photos, everyone! While I've got a bunch of great submissions in reserve, I can always use more. We're heading into winter, when GPOD submission tend to be a bit scarce. If you still want to see a new and exciting garden every single weekday in your inbox, do your part and show us YOUR garden! You can email photos to either mgervais@taunton.com or GPOD@taunton.com. Be sure to tell me where you live and tell me a bit about yourself and your garden. And the more photos the better! Thanks!! ****

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