Genus: Actinidia


Michelle Gervais
Ornamental foliage, cup-shaped flowers, and edible fruits characterize these mainly deciduous, twining climbers. They can be trained against a wall, on a trellis, or into a tree. Some cultivars are self-fertile, but usually male and female plants are needed to produce fruit.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Ornamental foliage; fragrant flowers; edible fruit.
Care:  In the garden Actinidia need fertile, well-drained soil. Grow in full sun for the best fruit production. Shelter from wind. Under glass, grow in full light and water and fertilize freely during the growing season. Keep moist in winter.

Root semi-ripe cuttings (or graft cultivars) in late summer. Sow seed in a cold frame in spring or fall.

Species, varieties and clutivars for genus Actinidia

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Variegated kiwi vine
Actinidia kolomikta

Various fungal diseases may occur.